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Are you ready for a dog?

Thinking of buying a puppy or rescuing a dog?

Obviously you have the initial cost if you decide to opt for a puppy, this includes cost of puppy, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, and of course dog beds, toys, treats, harnesses/leads, food bowls.. the list goes on!!

So the initial outlay is EXPENSIVE.

But, how much does it cost per month to home a dog?

Well that depends! Are you home enough to walk your dog daily? Do you go on holiday a few times a year?

Dog walkers charge between £10-£15 usually for an hour group walk. Dog boarding (while you take your family holiday) ranges from £20-£30 a day. So that in itself is adding up!

So these are the luxuries, what about the every day/monthly costs?

Well, pet insurance (which is highly recommended) depends on your breed, age of dog etc. But you can look at at least £15 a month (More if your dog is of a certain breed that is susceptible to certain illnesses)!

Flea/worming treatment is a monthly cost, which is ongoing for your dogs lifetime.

Let’s take into account food costs, you have some cheap brands that don’t cost a lot to feed your dog, but do you really want to go for cheap? At best you want to be feeding your dog a grain free diet, but you also need to look at the ingredients to see if you are in fact feeding your dog ‘chicken’.

Quite often, the meat content is extremely low.

You also need to be aware that dogs may pick up ‘ticks’ this is easily resolved with a tick remover, but be sure to twist so you don’t leave part of the tick in your dog. Sometimes a visit to a vet is necessary. Lyme disease can be quite serious.

Finally, poop bags!! You need plenty!!!! Have you ever gone for a walk, and trodden in another dogs poop? It’s not pleasant. It’s also illegal not to pick up after your dog. And why would you want to inflict poop treading on a fellow human or dog anyway?

Optional, and not necessary for all dog breeds, is grooming. As long as you groom your dog well at home, it’s not essential to have your dog groomed professionally but highly recommended for certain breeds. This is usually every 6-8 weeks.

So as you can see, the monthly cost is accumulating rapidly!! For a small breed you are looking at a minimum of £50 a month, and a minimum of

£80 a month for a larger breed.

So before you set out to buy a puppy or rescue a dog, can you afford all of the above? Will your dog have all its requirements met?

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