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Upon booking an appointment, I will meet you and your pup at your home. During this meeting we will discuss his/her needs, so I can tailor the walk to suit.  It wouldn't be fair to take your Pug on a group walk with a Vizsla., or your elderly dog with a group of puppies. So in the first instance, we need to determine the walk he needs


During our meeting, we wiil discuss everything from his/her toilet habits to the length of their walk (and everything in between). The more I can learn about your pup, the more enjoyable his walk .will be.

The first walk will always be a solo one, this is so he and I can spend some time getting used to each other without too many distractions.  On this walk I can practise his commands that we will discuss in our meeting, and it gives him some time to build some trust in me.

A normal walk is an hour, but I understand not all dogs require an hour walk, so we can tailor this to suit your pup and your budget.

If you would like a GPS track of our walk, please request this and I will be happy to oblige.

I also offer home visits, your dog may already get enough exercise, but left home alone for too long, and just needs someone to let him out for a toilet break, a little play or a quick jaunt around the block.

If you have an important meeting, and your dog requires and urgent or pre-arranged vet visit or you have the in-laws coming round and he is in dire need of a scrub and a trim, I can taxi him to and from appointments.

Cats. If you are going away and require someone to look after your cat, I can go feed, change litter and give some affection.  Although they are independent creatures, they still love a scratch behind the ear or under the chin. 

I've lived with cats almost my entire life (possibly about 5 years cat free), and currently I am mummy to two gorgeous young British Short Hairs. 

Other small animals I can care for (but not limited to) are Rabbits, hamsters, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, Budgies, Bearded Dragons and Geckos. This can be either in your own home, or if their dwelling is small enough, I can look after in mine.

I offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just occasional walks. How ever often you require him walked, I have you covered. Life sometimes gets extremely busy, so if you suddenly find your schedule fully booked, give me a call and I will happily book you in.





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