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Dog theft!

Dog theft is becoming more and more rife, and more and more blatant.

No longer are they just luring away a dog who has wandered into the bushes, just up ahead of you or lagging behind.

Now they are approaching dog owners with accusations that your dog has been ‘stolen’ and/or asking to scan your dog! I’ve also heard of men just abusing the owners and just demanding they hand over their dog.

Why should you have to walk your dog on the lead every time you go for a walk, as long as your dog has excellent recall, and doesn’t wander off too far, you should be able to relax knowing your dog is safe.

I urge anyone who sees a post on social media regarding dog theft, to share, share and share.

The more the public are aware of the different scenarios they may face, the more they can be prepared for any eventuality.

I also recommend carrying a whistle or rape alarm. This can be used to startle the attacker and also attract attention of others in the vicinity.

Pepper spray is illegal in the U.K., but you can carry a self defence spray such as Defence I.D. by Sabre. This is legal and works by spraying the attacker with a purple dye that remains in the skin for up to 48 hours. This helps police to identify the attacker and may deter the attacker.

Stay safe and more importantly keep your dogs safe 💕

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